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More than ten years at the same place, but with so much growth and change, there was always a new, exciting challenge. As the company evolved, so did the brand, and I led several brand refreshes/overhauls. From web design to content creation I (and my team) handled it all as the company grew to a $1B company. Certainly never a dull moment.


Data Integration Software

Some sample video projects I have worked on (publically available)

A small tech company in an industry going through huge transformation. I inherited the logo and color scheme, but completely updated the brand to reflect the company's technology leadership. All new collateral. A complete website refresh. First-ever customer videos. All while making sure we didn't take it too far and scare off a very risk-averse audience.

EIS Group

Core Insurance Software

Sadly, a hard drive crash, a move from Mac to PC, and the demise of Quark Xpress have left me with limited online examples. I designed and directed a complete brand refresh. I still don't know why we code-named releases after seafood.


Analytics Software

Launching a company is an enormous amount of fun (which makes up for the fifteen hour days, and overnighters.) 


B2B Software

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